The Emmy's

YES, 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fay, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jeremy Piven, John Adams (Paul G. and Laura L.) and Mad Men all won!!!!!!!!

And I lOVE me some Ricky Gervais!  The bit between him and Steve Carell was very funny. He was the only one I also wish had won an award for the hilarious Extras

A small aircraft into a building in NYC

On the Upper East Side.  Damn.

Just watching the news.  It is my day off today.  Anyway, just a strange situation and people on the street were really frightened when they saw the crash and now it is being reported that two people are dead most likely the only people on the small aircraft.  

Can't help but be anxious.

ETA: It was the plane of Cory Lidle Yankees pitcher.  Two confirmed dead, including Lidle. R.I.P.